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Have you any concerns or questions about the site or perhaps your credit balance? Feel free to contact our support team via email here.

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Have you been double charged, whishing for a refund or have any other billing issue? Due to security reasons we cannot interact with payments directly. However, you could do it easily by visiting the subscription providers here:

If you do not know or not sure which one could be the right one, then you should do or check the following:

  • You should check your credit card statement, and you can find the name of the billing company on it.
  • You do not need to have all requested information, all billers require just two or three, which could be the registered email address, password (the original one you choosed at signup), CC number. These you must know.
  • If you tried the above and the site responded that it can't find the account, then it could be because of two reasons:
  • If you are not sure which one could be your billing company, and you paid through credit card, then you should try, and Segpay, these are the 2 main credit card biller companies at us.

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